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The World's Largest Range Of Grey Contact Lenses

At Crazy Lenses, we’re delighted to offer the world’s largest range of Crazy and Natural Grey Contact Lenses. Designed and manufactured in the UK with in excess of 40 grey designs to choose from, there’s bound to be a pair you’ll love whether you’re looking to add suitable grey hues to your eyes or you’re looking to completely color your eyes grey.

Proving hugely popular among the fashion conscious and Instagram obsessed, our most popular grey contacts are called Grey & Blue Fusion, they features a pixel perfect blend of vibrant grey and blue tones. Meanwhile, our Grey Three Tone Contacts have proven popular among those looking to get realistic grey eyes like Kim Kardashian. We also stock a huge selection of crazy grey designs, our bestselling Grey Zombie Contacts are just one example.

Design aside, a pair of non-prescription Grey Contact Lenses are the quickest and easiest way to change your natural eye color without having to forgo the expensive of grey laser eye coloring. Manufactured from high-quality Polyhema, our grey lenses measure 14.5mm in diameter and have a base curve of 8.6, that’s considered suitable for around 99.9% of all eyes.

Reasons to buy grey contact lenses online from Crazy Lenses...

They’re on trend – Grey eye contacts are hugely fashionable right now. Everyone form the aforementioned Kim Kardashian to Kanye West, Tyra Banks, Orland Bloom and even Vanessa Hudgens has been spotted wearing them.

100% Cruelty Free – We only stock 100% cruelty free Grey Contact Lenses. This means we haven’t tested our raw materials or finished products on animals.

FDA and EU compliant – You’ll find only the highest quality FDA approved grey contacts in our online store. They also comply with the requirements outlined under the EU Cosmetics Directive.

Manufactured in the UK – All our grey contact lenses are made in the UK and sealed in blisters that contain sterile buffered isotonic saline. Each pair must pass through a stringent quality control process and is subsequently labelled with a traceable lot number and expiry date for added piece of mind.

World’s largest range – We stock the world’s largest range of realistic grey contact lenses as well as a large number of crazy, cosplay and Halloween designs. This includes many bespoke designs that you simply won’t find elsewhere.